Absorb every kind of gas and vapour

No need inner lubrication

Work quiet and vibrationless

Not have any disorders because there is only one moving part

Work long time with a little maintenance at high efficiency

Not have cleaning problems with limeless water or oil

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There are many parameters to choose vacuum pumps. Generally Dalton law explains behaviour of air. If the sucked media is different from dry air the system will be complicated. If water or liquid mixtures vapourize and the system is continuous, the system will be more complicated. It is known that the relationship between the vacuum pressure and suction capacity is exponantial.

By adding to and subtracting from coefficients which are obtained emprically from the formulas obtained, approximate calculations can be made for water steam or more complex systems. Like many manufacturers in the world, POM-VAK has produced several coefficients through experimental studies. Details concerning these calculations will be simpified soon and offered to our esteemed customers on our website as files.

1. CLOSED COUPLED TYPES : 25 – 270 m³/h

POM-VAK  monoblock type liquid ring vacuum pumps have been generally preferred for 10 years because they fill less volume, are economical and are easily maintained. POM-VAK develops technology and designs new monoblock types almost each 3 months. We Also renew our technology each year.







Capacity Chart


Performance Curves




2. DOUBLE STAGE TYPES : 200 – 1250 m³/h

POM-VAK double-stage liquid ring vacuum pumps are standard products. They are suitable for almost each industrial application with unique material and sealing solutions.




Capacity Chart


Performance Curves





3. SINGLE STAGE TYPES : 170 - 5500 m³/h

Our single-stage liquid ring vacuum pumps are being always developed. We reached up to 5500 m³/h suction capacity. Our aim is to produce the pump of 14000 m³/h capacity within two years.




Capacity Chart


Performance Curves


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