Simple mechanism designed for smooth color flow and easy cleaning after each use. Available with a wide range of nozzles, fluid cups, and tail handles tailored to fit the intended application. See each product description for the most suitable models, starts with SP-35 series, SP-20X, DH-1, DH-2, DH-3, MAX-2, MAX-3 & HB-040.

Designed for versatility and efficient performance in a wide range of applications. Use the smaller cups/bottles when painting smaller areas and easily switch to larger bottles when painting larger areas. Bottles can be bought separately as additional accessories. The line starts with DH-115, DH-125, SP-575, HB-540, DH-150, PA-100 & DH-201.

Distinguished by its ergonomic and comfortable hand grip, the GP (gun piece) series starts off with 0.35 mm to 0.7 mm nozzle size selections offering professional artists fine spraying mist with minimum overspray. Most ideal for touch-ups, automotive painting, modeling, spray tanning, or any large surface applications. The line includes: GP-35, GP-50, GP-70, GP-825 & GP-850.

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